SmartMower - AI powered string trimmer

SmartMower - AI powered string trimmer

SmartMower is a project that targets the construction of a fully autonomous string trimmer device to apply it everywhere where string trimming is usually needed. Everywhere means from middle size gardens to large fields and from urban parks to industrial zones as well. Therefore the flexibility and performance are essential musts.

However string trimming doesn’t seem to be one of the hardest human activities to write a software framework for that special task is really though. The framework should perform several tasks at the same time continuously:

  • manage communication with all devices
  • calculate and store position
  • sense environment
  • calculate space to go and to trim
  • drive the device according to calculations
  • avoid accidents
  • validate work efficiency
  • validate condition of tools
  • communicate with the user via local terminal (touch screen)
  • listen and communicate via wifi
  • communicate with software and/or maintenance center

To perform all those task we have to use as cheap hardware as possible to be able to offer a low market price for our potential buyers. Therefor we decided to use micro computers Raspberry Pi mark 3 and 4 and NVidia Jetson Nano. Jetsons are responsible for visual and artificial intelligence tasks in general, Raspberries are everything else.

Related repositories and more informations coming soon.